Designing Policy for Cities


  • Marianna Cavada Lancaster University



Urban design policy, policy mapping, local urben policy


Cities are impacted both by the way we live in them and by policy which is implemented on different scales in city living. Cities and broader urban areas are highly impacted by human behaviour and the unprecedented challenges they face; this indicates that a siloed urban policy approach cannot support city policy because its impact is felt across multiple sectors. To achieve a clearer picture of policy design, a mapping methodology is proposed to document policy that is essential in responding to challenges holistically. This mapping exercise will explore and understand the connections across urban policy, breaking down the silos of policy that currently exist in cities and allowing better communications between policy officers and other stakeholders in cities. One of the expected results of this proposal is to create a model for designing policy infrastructure and clarify policy implications into local practice and local action for cities and urban areas. Furthermore, to understand policy on a local level through implementing initiatives into local policy and strategies.

Author Biography

Marianna Cavada, Lancaster University

M. Cavada is a Lecturer in Urban Design Policy at Imagination Lancaster, School of Architecture, Lancaster University




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Cavada, M. (2022). Designing Policy for Cities. Proceedings of the International Conference on Evolving Cities.