The effect of enhancing super insulation Aerogel for future building façades in North of Iraq


  • Zhiry Hawez Baiz Cyprus International University
  • Cemil Atakara Cyprus International University



Aerogel, building facade, Improved aerogel, occupant comfort, window design


Aerogel is a sort of engineered porous substance. It has unique chemical and physical properties with different types of opaque and translucent. It is considered one of the most encouraging materials in various applications such as spacecraft and buildings. In building, translucent aerogel uses for window construction. It plays a vital role in enhancing building thermally and acoustically. Despite its high cost, aerogel is a brittle material. It is hard to produce large-sized free crack windows and prevents the window from being operable. It is not optically transparent, which isolates occupants from the outside view. These limitations restrict architects from using aerogel as windows on façades freely. Improved aerogel windows can get better efficient glasses, larger sizes, and transparency that experiences the natural quality of the light and outside view. It may give the building more functional façades that can fulfill people’s needs in the future. So, the study will evaluate the efficiency of façade in the future. The study aims to predict the capability of improved aerogel in creating a façade that achieves human needs while increasing the efficiency of the building from different perspectives. It examines improved aerogel windows and their role in enhancing current residential buildings in northern Iraq. Ecotect and Dialux software are used as research tools. The paper concluded that the capability of improved aerogel will give the building a new façade that is more environmentally friendly and provides human comfort while still transparent compared to the current facade.




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Hawez Baiz, Z., & Atakara, C. (2022). The effect of enhancing super insulation Aerogel for future building façades in North of Iraq. Proceedings of the International Conference on Evolving Cities.