Energy transition in France: urban communities smart grids integration case


  • Jura Arkhangelski Université Paris-Est Créteil
  • Mahamadou Abdou-Tankari Université Paris-Est Créteil
  • Gilles Lefebvre Université Paris-Est Créteil



energy transition, self-consumption, energy management, renewable energy, energy storage, smart grids


This research presents an example of the energy transition process application on conventional French urban communities and particularly, its possible integration into the Urban Communities Smart Grids (UCSG). For this, it was chosen one of typical urban community - Alfortville (94140), Paris region, France. The aim is to define all UCSG components and the adapted  UCSG structure for the further application of the efficient,  renewable, economic and resilient Day-Ahead Optimal Power Flow (DA-OPF) energy management, giving the opportunity to get additional distribution grid flexibility. The integration of UCSG’s DA-OPF management requires the centralized control and involves the integration of centralized battery storage systems (CESS) and distributed PV generation. It was determined the optimal penetration rate and size of distributed PV and CESS. The final considered UCSG simplified scheme and its components was defined. The efficient DA-OPF management strategy was applied on the obtained community scheme. The DA–OPF is based on a data forecast system that uses a Deep Learning (DL) Long Short-term Memory network (LSTM) and is formulated as a mathematical Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Programming (MINLP) model. The real data simulation UCSG showed significant benefits and an electricity price reduction for the considered urban community compared to a conventional case, as well as the easy applicability of proposed method. The efficiency and versatility of this research allow its easy application to others similar urban communities under UCSG integration.




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Arkhangelski, J., Abdou-Tankari, M., & Lefebvre, G. (2022). Energy transition in France: urban communities smart grids integration case. Proceedings of the International Conference on Evolving Cities.